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  • Accuracy Study – Santa Clarita

    Technology investments are tough. As the market constantly churns with the latest and greatest high-tech investments – Funds must be spent on a reliable and proven solution. Connexionz is proud to offer products and services built upon industry expertise and forward thinking innovation.
  • Transit Station Redesign – Christchurch, New Zealand

    Our long time customers rely on us for services far beyond basic GPS tracking or real time information. The Connexionz team has designed networks, planned transit stations, and helped develop new and useful technologies with our partners.
  • Analytics Study – Pasadena Transit

    The Connexionz software suite has evolved over time to be the dispatch center’s greatest companion. We’re proud to boast a system that powers real-time analytics which influence real change.
  • Connexionz network continues to expand with successful agency launches and sustained growth

      Connexionz has proven to its customers that it is a leading and capable provider of intelligent transit solutions for essential passenger communication, real-time bus load management, and service monitoring, even during the tough pandemic economy. In the last 14…