Significant attendance at Smart City Tech Event

Our Christchurch, New Zealand staff have reported as being ‘amazed’ at the level of interest in Connexionz’s products and services during the city’s Smart City Innovation Expo, which forms part of the week long Tech Expo in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Kate Foister, customer service manager at Connexionz reports, “People from all over the country came to see us to learn about ways in which we may be able to help with our sensor based services and data analysis, as well as our range of solar powered information displays. We were rushed off our feet!”

Connexionz has been working with Christchurch City Council’s Smart City team, including providing real time data feeds currently in use by the city’s brilliant web application which can be accessed here:

To learn more about how Connexionz may be able to assist you with your smart city or real time projects, please feel free to contact us.