San Joaquin Regional Transit District awards Connexionz CAD/AVL contract

San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) continues to push the envelope. So naturally, Connexionz was excited to be chosen to deliver a CAD/AVL system on their deviated fixed-route service “Hopper.”

The solution is an innovative effort to provide paperless manifests of deviated pick-up rides while a vehicle remains on it’s fixed route.  The solution successfully mixed the necessity of accurate real time arrival information and onboard integration including annunciation and APC’s with the necessary directions for the operator to reach the deviated and optimized pickups which are outside of the fixed route patterns. The project, in conjunction with CTS Software, provides an option for any current or potential clients to assess their deviated route technology.

The technology Connexionz is providing to San Joaquin RTD adds to a list of innovative projects already undertaken by the agency. For instance, San Joaquin is the first in the nation to launch a 100% electric bus system. These zero-emission buses demonstrate their commitment to clean energy. Additionally, their RTD now offers a plethora of apps to make booking and navigating public transit a breeze. Lastly, San Joaquin RTD has received quite a few awards for their accomplishments, including the 2018 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award granted by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

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