Beyond the Bus – Signs and Stations

Electronic Displays

Connexionz has installed thousands of external LED and LCDs as integrated components of our ITS systems or as add-ons to similar projects. We communicate with displays using either Ethernet or using a wireless service such as cellular, Wi-Fi or private radio. The Connexionz system promotes the use of many different types of displays. Connexionz lends its’ years of expertise in helping our clients share information with their riders in transit stations, malls, inside or near shelters, and in many other outdoor applications. The signs we deploy might depend on many factors including budgets, infrastructure, and the amount of content but can range from the simplest scrolling digital LED’s to touchscreen kiosks with enhanced media content.

Whether Connexionz or another supplier provide the display – It’s important to integrate displays to accurate data to share your crucial service information and predictions.

Connexionz focused on continued innovation has promoted the release of the new version of our digital sign – The BusFinder™. The BusFinder™ evolved based on the need low battery use and information on-demand, that tradition is continued with the most recent solar version.