Product Enhancements

With our eyes always on the next innovative transit technologies, Connexionz is proud to debut some of our own. Since our last update, we released our new Android operator tablet software. The software is meant to help make your operator’s job easier. By providing instant feedback on route adherence, trip tracking, and other necessary tools on a rugged tablet; Connexionz has improved on previously deployed ‘in cabin’ technologies and many transit agencies are quick to deploy while others will be receiving the upgrade automatically! Pasadena Transit, Kings area Rural Transit, Valley Transit (iTransitNW), and NYC Ferry have all adapted our newest tablet technologies and report good results! The Android-based tool also allows Connexionz to meet needs of agencies with smaller budgets or more flexible programs.  

In addition to being a cost effective solution, our new software harnesses the power of Android’s flexibility which means it can easily integrate with other existing applications on agencies’ toolkits.

Want to put more value and improved performance in the driver’s seat? ? Contact us for a demo of this new technology today!

Additionally, Connexionz has released the option for any of their current clients to debut a new public web portal for their riders. Much like the one being deployed for the Valley Transit – iTransitNW project, the new portals are focused on better graphical interface and ease of use!  Ask Connexionz about numerous options available for public consumption of our predictive arrivals – the most accurate available!