Pasadena Transit Grows with Investment in CNX’ Innovative Technology

Pasadena Transit (PT) called on Connexionz to install the first stage of Intelligent Transit Systems (ITS) in 2014 and continues to grow with consistent investment in Connexionz Smart Transit Technology. PT delivers more than 1.5 million passengers to local destinations annually, and also connects them with light rail stations and regional coach services that carry them into the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, or beyond. 

Connexionz’ innovative technology allows Pasadena Transit to supply passengers with real-time information through: 

  • Smartphone Apps
  • Onboard Displays
  • Solar BusFinders at Stops
  • Roadside Signs
  • Automatic Arrival Announcements

Not only can passengers easily find arrival times for their expected bus on an easy-to-read E-ink bus-stop display but they can also search for linking services on LA Metro routes – all while the branded display promotes the agency. 

The transit agency’s dispatch and management departments receive accurate, continuously-updated data about:

  • Travel Times
  • Vehicle Location
  • Mechanical Performance
  • Automatic Passenger Counts
  • Security Surveillance

In fact, Pasadena Transit and its passengers have enjoyed a 13% improvement in on-time performance and experienced increased ridership year-on-year since 2013. It is no surprise that Pasadena Transit has selected Connexionz a third time to continue growing its ITS.

“The Connexionz’ system has fundamentally and positively altered our day-to-day observations and how we do business.”

-Pasadena Transit Manager Valerie Gibson

Connexionz will also play a significant role in a visionary plan to improve traffic flow throughout the greater Los Angeles region. The agency’s buses will soon be able to request traffic-signal priority, such as an early green light or to extend a green signal, giving their bus smooth passage through intersections to shorten peak travel times and improve ETAs. Connexionz is proud to be a part of a project that improves Pasadena Transit’s service as it reduces the number of polluting vehicles on the road. 

The Pasadena contract, first procured in 2014, has received yet another approval to expand it to include more technology.  In addition to the aforementioned traffic signal priority, Pasadena is investing in new fixed-route vehicles outfitted with the latest tech, including brand new vehicle operator tablets and software, video surveillance system upgrades, and additional Busfinder devices bringing their count to over 125 units.