New Partnership with California’s Stanislaus Transit

Connexionz is proud to welcome another California Transit agency to the team in Stanislaus Area Transit. Stanislaus Transit is the primary provider of mass transportation in the suburban areas of Stanislaus County – including Modesto and surrounding areas, across a fleet of almost 50 transit vehicles.

After a competitive bid issued in early 2019 and a rigorous selection period, Connexionz has yet again been trusted as a leading supplier of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and has been awarded up to a 2-million dollar contract. Stanislaus transit chose Connexionz due to their long history of successful implementation and trusted software solutions. With important integrations being requested under the contract, the agency selected Connexionz for their decades of experience. 

The contract, set to be implemented in early 2020, includes fixed route CAD/AVL software with a custom website and subscription service for regular riders. 

The onboard system includes: 

  • Rugged mobile data terminals
  • Emergency alarms
  • Highly accurate GPS
  • Onboard announcements
  • Visual media system that will communicate important agency information to riders

The back office software includes important automatic passenger counters and data which is meant to fuel important National Transit Database (NTD) reports.  The Automated Passenger Counter (APC) solution from Connexionz and their partners is one of the only solutions available with 100+ implementations and 100% acceptance rate from the NTD.  The remarkable performance of Connexionz’s APC solution will undoubtedly fuel the success of Stansilaus for years to come.

Connexionz remains focused on improving the passenger experience so that more people continue to choose public transit. With a smartphone in nearly everyone’s pocket, Connexionz innovative apps provide real-time public transportation routes and schedules integrated directly into the riders’ hands. Connexionz is also implementing new technologies to improve overall transit times for pick-up and arrival, such as traffic-signal priority for busses. Improving experience and accessibility makes these transportation solutions a convenient and appealing choice for the public. 

The Stanislaus transit contract original term is 5 years with options to extend.  Connexionz is excited at the opportunity to add to our growing family of California based transit agencies.