Microsoft Launches Connexionz Powered Real Time Transit Information Service

Connexionz can now confirm that Microsoft has launched a real-time transit information service. The Microsoft service, based around its Bing Maps platform, will use real-time service data available from Connexionz’ customer’s public data feed to power its real-time transit information service.

“We support the distribution of any public transport agency’s real time service across the widest possible range of media platforms, providing the traveling public with even more flexibility in terms of where to obtain real time transit service information” stated Rhod Pickavance, Sales Director at Connexionz. “As a strategic development partner of Microsoft, we’re proud of the fact that some of our customer’s real-time service information is now available via Microsoft’s Bing service.”

This is the second time Connexionz has been selected by a major global player in the world of online services after being selected by Google to partner with them during the initial beta system testing of their Google Transit service, which currently supports Connexionz customers throughout the United States.

Microsoft’s Bing Transit service:

Google Transit: