Kings Area Rural Transit re-invests in Connexionz

Kings Area Rural transit was fortunate to receive a $100,000 award through a California state grant, to improve on their existing Connexionz real-time system for commuters. The grant is meant to help Kings Area Rural transit keep their focus on sustainability. Kings will use 23″ LCD TVs and Connexionz in-house media solution to display route/schedule based media items – such as photos, video, ads, and moving images. These items can then be organized based on the location and expected audience. Kings plans to use the solution to help commuters learn about other transportation services that may help take cars off the road – including ridesharing, microtransit, and more. The solution is integrated with the existing ITS and works to also enhance the ‘next stop announcements’ onboard.  As always, Connexionz made it easy for KART to enhance their system without increasing their operating costs due to unnecessary software!

KART is added to a list of Connexionz clients already using the media solutions, like Santa Clarita Transit who boasts two screens on the entire fleet of almost 100 vehicles!