Ferry Services Expand from NY to CA

NYC Ferry, the hallmark Connexionz ferry client, continues to grow in scope and size while Connexionz remains focused on adding more successful operations to it’s expanding customer list.   

NYC Ferry is planning a vast expansion – doubling its fleet and adding 350 additional passenger boats to account for the expected demand of an astounding 9-million riders by 2023. Due to ever-increasing popularity, the city is preparing to invest $300 million into the service over the next few years. They also plan to add more routes and travel times to accommodate the passengers.

Early this summer, NYC ferry operators Hornblower won a contract to continue to provide ferry services to Alcatraz Island in California. Hornblower’s technologies are revolutionary  – reducing fuel consumption by 75% compared to other boats in the San Francisco area. The Hornblower Hybrid yachts are powered by wind, solar, and grid electricity and can host up to 120 guests. 

Connexionz has yet again been chosen to add to these services by providing similar technologies to the NYC operations such as GPS, passenger information, Google Transit Integration, and rider-counting. Connexionz is proud to be a crucial part of an innovative experience for ferry passengers.