Connexionz sponsors Oregon Public Transit Conference, California Transit Association Conference and Expo and CalACT Technology and Mobility Conference

Connexionz was proud to take part in numerous industry shows to close out the conference season. In addition to following up on our usual places in the CTAA Expo and in June the VTA, Connexionz committed to major sponsorships of California Transit Association, CALACT, and Oregon Public Transit Conference all within the last few months. These conferences bring great opportunities to strengthen and grow our relationships in the transit community. We are happy to support these industry-leading events.

At the CALACT conference in Napa last month, Connexionz was honored to present a session alongside Pasadena Transit. The vendor relationship “After you sign” opened an interesting discussion about which values on either side of the pen will keep a current contract executing well and providing results for the agency.  Sebastian Hernandez from Pasadena Transit joined Brian onstage as we discussed what has made the difference for the project at Pasadena.

Read more about our conference partners:

California Transit Agency Expo

“The Fall Conference and Expo is our three-day signature event featuring dynamic presentations from industry experts on today’s pressing transit challenges”

Virginia Transit Association (VTA) Conference and Bus Expo

“Highlights of the two day VTA event include the latest in technology, equipment, clean buses, and creative ideas for best practices.”

(Oregon Public Transportation Conference (OPTC)

“The purpose of the OPTC Association is to assist members in the development and improvement of efficient, safe and convenient transportation services, techniques and methods, facilities and equipment.”