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Every day, Every day, interruptions play havoc with best-laid plans. Congestion, weather, roadworks, illness and accidents create unpredictability.  One route is beyond capacity. Another is empty. No one likes paying people to drive empty buses, ferries and trains.

You need a CAD/AVL system that rises to the challenge, one that automates accurate, real-time info direct to riders, and gives reliable location tracking to controllers.

Say goodbye to wrestling with never-ending software glitches. Say hello to improving on-time performance.

Industry-leading after sales support: Proven system with round the clock, 24/7 support

Efficiency: Empowers customer service with fewer calls from irate passenger. Riders can track location by themselves through the website, signs & app.  Precise location tracking for controllers.

Accurate NTD data: Automates passenger arrival info.

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Chief Technology Officer

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“It was key that we didn’t have to put together too many partners to deliver an overall solution. With Connexionz, we have one main partner that can handle most of it.”

Connexionz offers considerable expertise in managing subcontractors and integrating their technology to provide a seamless system.

Give people from all walks of life the gift of time.

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Norm Sanders
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