Why Connexionz

Connexionz has been designing and delivering end-to-end Intelligent Transportation System solutions for transit agencies and private enterprises across the world for over 20 years.  Our end-to-end solutions include powerful and accurate GPS, onboard announcements and media, driver communications, real-time applications, and much more. 

We cut our teeth on the ultra-modern transport systems in Australia, Europe, and Asia and brought those advances to the Americas almost twenty years ago, where we have set up our second home and continue to serve long-term clients.

Our in-house engineering team has developed some of the most innovative integrated hardware and software applications on the market, products that grow and adapt to changing technology and work with almost any wireless communication medium or input.

Connexionz understands the rider’s experience, and the continued use of your service isn’t as simple as being offered a reliable arrival prediction. Your agency needs seemless onboard integrations, useful rider tools, accurate transit station signage, and crucial service planning analytics. We are here to manage a project—not a product. It is important to apply all the engineering knowledge and expertise of the Connexionz team to understand what makes your operations different and why your project is unique and extraordinary.

The team is proud to treat every project large or small with the engineering and consultancy spirit. By understanding your unique requirements, our systems are designed to grow and adapt to you; delivering a technology system with the flexibility any business or agency needs to improve and respond to shifting demand, infrastructure changes continually, or financial constraints.

Connexionz is proud to continue to launch and maintain successful technology projects based upon our core four foundations: Innovation, Scalable solutions, Expertise, and continuing to be Industry Leaders.

Experience the Connexionz way…