Blog: 9 Feb 2017. The Power of Solar

It’s official. New tech attracts bus customers

Customers who recently installed our new solar BusFinder 2™, have been noticing that bus patrons and passers-by are being attracted to and love playing with new tech!

Apparently, the new interactive wireless solar bus displays are catching peoples’ eyes, and sales figures are confirming that the new tech, together with other new on bus services, is encouraging more people to get on the bus.

Technology allows people to do more than just find a bus

It’s a proven fact that many people are intrigued by new technology, and younger adults especially are more inclined to like trying new technology products.

Technology is quickly changing the ways people seek and get knowledge, communicate and work.  And, with emerging new tech, there’s a huge opportunity for bus system providers to do more than just telling customers when the next bus will be arriving.

Simple measures like providing multimedia information, or adding USB recharging points and WiFi to buses, can provide huge benefit for customers, and exceed their expectations and experiences.

It’s particularly smart when emerging innovations enhances existing tech to create exciting new experiences for customers – often for very little extra cost.

Location based advertizing is a good example. We can create configurable landing pages for individual bus finders, depending on their location or bus route, that can inform people about special events in the area.

Solar tech makes cents

By combining new technology and enhancing customer experiences, we can encourage more people to leave their cars at home, and give more buses a go. And with solar we can help look after our planet better too.

The only limit to what new technology can do to help make our cities smarter and more energy efficient, is our imagination.

Connexionz’s solar BusFinders compliment both existing and future sustainable transport networks and are a very cost effective alternative to hard wired displays. They can interface with existing real time data, and provide real time information at bus stops derived from a wide range of ITS and RTPI platforms.

Installation and upgrading of these robust solar units is quick and easy, and programming is easily done over the wireless network. To enquire about our Busfinders and our latest technology, email [email protected].