Bakersfield selects Connexionz

Connexionz Limited announced today that it has been awarded a US$3.3M contract for the supply of an automated vehicle location, demand response, integrated ticketing system, voice and data radio system, Intelligent Transportation (ITS) and Real Time Public Information (RTPI) system Golden Empire Transit District in Bakersfield California.

The contract in Bakersfield is the fourth significant contract secured by Connexionz this year, following on from cntracts awarded by the City of Pasadena, the City of Estes Park and the City of Santa Clarita selecting Connexionz to deliver a range of Intelligent Transportation Systems, including automated vehicle location, passenger information systems and location based multimedia services.

“Over the past two years we have implemented a number of important changes to our strategic direction, and are now seeing the benefits of the organizational and operational changes we have made pursuant to this revised strategy. The changes included improving and expanding our product offering and most importantly re-focusing our sales and marketing efforts to better target clients and improving our prospects of success. We now focus our sales efforts on areas around where we have systems installed so we can better utilize our excellent reputation with customers and enable prospects to see our product offering first hand”. “The award of the Bakersfield contract is a further vindication of the success of this strategy but full credit must be given to our dedicated staff who have worked with Bakersfield personnel over the last year to establish a relationship, understand their requirements, and to present and sell the solution offered by Connexionz”, said Roger Carruthers Connexionz Chief Executive Officer.

“The fact is, word is getting out that Connexionz is the kind of company agencies should work with; we’re innovative, flexible, friendly and above all else our solutions are not only very good, we’re also serious about the continuous investment in our products, ensuring we often lead the way in terms of delivering new features and services that transit agencies tell us they want”, stated Connexionz’s Sales Director Rhod Pickavance.

Golden Empire Transit District is located in the City of Bakersfield which is 180 kilometers (111 miles) to the North West of Los Angeles and less than 130 kilometers (80 miles) from our installation in Santa Clarita. The District carries approximately 24,000 daily riders which equal more than 7.3 million riders each year and serves a population of 437,236 covering 260 square kilometers (162 square miles).

The District has an active fleet of 83 fixed-route buses plus 19 demand response vehicles which are all fuelled with compressed natural gas. The District has 20 bus routes, approximately 1600 bus stops and travels about 5.8 million kilometres annually.