Accuracy Study – Santa Clarita

City of Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita, CA

An Independent Accuracy Study on Santa Clarita, CA

Technology investments are tough. As the market constantly churns with the latest and greatest high-tech investments – Funds must be spent on a reliable, accurate, and proven solution. Connexionz is proud to offer products and services built upon accuracy that is unmatched.  Connexionz considers an accurate system, a strong one, and make great efforts to keep our predictions accurate.

The Connexionz real-time tracking system was shown to maintain accuracy across different active routes, bus stops, and during peak travel hours, demonstrating the versatility and sophistication of the system in overseas implementations. Further analysis in Santa Clarita confirmed these findings to ensure that the RTT system’s high performance is preserved on a global scale.  A comprehensive statistical analysis was conducted in Santa Clarita to assess Connexionz RTT system which uses sophisticated algorithms to derive real-time arrival predictions for buses at all bus stops.  What we found was that Connexionz arrival predictions continue to prove to be extremely dependable.

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